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Your rooftop receives around 4.5 hours of ‘peak’ sun per day on average. That’s a lot of sunshine that can be harnessed to power up your home! Investing in smart solar power solutions for your Northern Beaches home means they will literally pay for themselves really quickly and then start saving you money on your electric bill month after month thereafter.

Whether you’re looking for a new solar system installation, a solar system health check, or repair and maintenance servicing for your existing solar panels, Waters Electrical and Solar is your one-stop shop for all things solar!

Our fully licensed and quality solar experts possess the top of the line equipment, skills and experience to ensure that your solar solutions are working optimally for your home, and taking full advantage of that warm Sydney sun!

As Northern Beaches’ only family-owned solar experts with more than 40 years of experience in the business, Waters Electrical and Solar is the name you can trust for high quality solar solutions and a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Call us today at 0431 894 327!

Contact us today for the following solar services:

  1. Repairs and maintenance.
  2. Solar System Health Check.
  3. New Installations.

Info about Solar Energy Solutions

Benefits of Solar Power

solar-roofOne of the top reasons why households invest in a solar power system is for the savings in the long run. According to the Australian PV Institute (APVI), “a household with a 10kW solar system could save more than $1650 per year on their energy bill.” (Source:

However, there is also the environmental aspect to consider. Just through our electricity consumption alone, the Northern Beaches area produces approximately a million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. It’s clear that as a community, we can do a whole lot more to lower our carbon footprint. (Source:

Solar energy produces no harmful emissions and thus does not cause any negative impact on the environment. Every single day, this source of renewable energy can be harnessed and converted into power via solar technology.

Because solar panels are sturdy and not easily damaged, they also make for a durable and long-lasting setup, which does not require costly monthly maintenance. Best of all, a solar installation adds to your property value, should you wish to sell your house in future.

New Solar Panel Installation

Solar System Health CheckThinking about getting a solar system installed for your home? It’s not as easy as going to the “solar system supermarket” and picking one out along the aisle. Here are four steps you should pay attention to when planning on a new solar installation:
  1. Assessment A new solar power installation should always start with a thorough assessment of your roof and switchboard. If you’ve got an older home, for example, you could possibly run into issues with your existing electrical system if it’s unable to handle the amount of power the solar panels will produce.
  2. Preview the best layout Solar systems are most effective when they are properly positioned. Trees, power lines or any other obstructions can shade your solar panels and cause a reduction in production ability. Here at Waters Electrical and Solar, we use advanced satellite technology in order to observe your roof and devise the best layout design of the potential system to suit your home.
  3. Determine size and payback Different homes will need to generate different amounts of energy depending on your family’s electrical consumption. It also makes a difference whether you spend more time at home during the day or night, and if it’s a vacation home, whether you’re using it in the winter or summer seasons. All these factors play a part in deciding the size of the solar panel system that’s best for your needs and requirements. We can also then calculate an expected payback period so you can plan ahead with this information.
  4. Calculate all the costs Installing a solar power system for your home is a major decision for any homeowner, so you’ll probably want to understand all the costs involved, not just for the installation, but also a comparison of the costs between different brands, and maintenance costs to come. Not only do we give you an upfront quote with the various components, but we also back our installation with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We also offer exceptional warranties on our premium solar panels and inverters well after the installation is done. Some of the reputable brands that we love are: Sumec Phono Solar, LG Solar, Hyundai, Trina, Q Cells, Fronius, SMA, and Sungrow.
With Waters Electrical and Solar, you can ensure that we do all 4 steps before any solar panel installation. We’ll make sure that you have a high-quality solar panel installation that’s not only energy efficient, but also cost effective.

Solar System Health Check

Doing a “health” checkup on your rooftop solar system now and then can really keep it running at optimal level. This will not only maintain its effectiveness but also prevent your energy bills from increasing due to poor productivity. It also helps to extend the life of your solar system and minimise the risk of any problems arising during your warranty period.

We recommend doing a thorough solar system health check once a year. When we conduct such a health check, we monitor your system’s performance, check that your solar equipment, inverters, battery systems and battery storage, are functioning properly at all times, do a thorough inspection of all the cabling and panels, ensure cleanliness of the solar system and solar panels, and check if there are any animals nesting under the panels or chewing your wiring.

We’ll also leave you with a copy of all our assessment results, so that no nasty surprises will pop up suddenly – especially not on your next energy bill! If there are any repairs needed, we will include these in our suggestions as well as the estimated costs, so that you can make an informed decision on any further maintenance.

Repair and Maintenance

Outside of its annual health check up, your solar system might sometimes need repair or maintenance service if it isn’t working optimally. Here are some signs that your home’s solar system isn’t operating properly:

  • You’re suddenly paying more than normal on your energy bill
  • You are seeing poor performance during high demand periods such as late afternoons and evenings
  • Your neighbour has a drastically higher power efficiency rating than you do
  • You are seeing more power being fed back into the grid than is being fed into your house
  • You experience severe voltage drop situations
  • You’ve noticed decreased energy production
  • You’re experiencing frequent tripping of your circuit breaker, or electrical equipment failure


If you notice any of such problems, it’s best to call in a solar specialist. A thorough assessment is needed to figure out why your solar system is malfunctioning, which may call for advanced fault finding or testing.

Our fully licensed solar consultants are well-versed in solar fault finding, and we’ll be able to pinpoint your issues in no time. We’ll also be able to give you our experienced recommendations on how to fix it, whether parts require a complete replacement, or if other solar solutions are required.

Whether it’s a replacement of inverters or panels you need, or if your DC switches are burnt out, we’ll be able to fix your problem quickly and thoroughly.

Waters Electrical and Solar for All Your Solar Solutions

Choosing a solar installation for your home is a complicated decision. Having a one-stop shop for all your solar solutions means you get the best recommendations that are perfect for your home, your family, and your needs.

Waters Electrical and Solar are your licensed solar panel experts that have been installing, maintaining and servicing solar panel systems on the Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs for the past few decades. With more than 40 years in the business, you can count on us for high-quality installations that are compliant with the Australian standard, reliable quality service, premium quality products, and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

If you’re looking to add a solar panel system to your home, or if you’re already part of the Australian ‘rooftop revolution’ and require a solar system health check or any repair and maintenance services, just give us a call today at 0431 894 327 for a free, no-obligation consultation.