Data Cabling & TV Installations

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Around 96% of the Australian population has access to at least one digital service at home, so you can be sure that’s a lot of wiring involved! Almost every home today requires data cabling for high-speed internet, or TV installation services for some high-definition entertainment. Perhaps you’re setting up a home office to work from home and need a new data point, or you’re struggling with sluggish Wi-Fi within certain parts of your home.
You might also need to connect multiple computers or servers to a network, or set up your computers to connect with other electrical appliances such as printers and backup systems.
It is recommended that you call your friendly neighbourhood electrician to help you with any installation to ensure that it is safe and up to code. Waters Electrical and Solar are your trusted licensed electricians taking care of all your data and TV needs along the Northern Beaches. Call us today at 0431 894 327.

Contact us today for the following Data and TV services:

  1. Data and TV socket repairs
  2. New Ethernet and data points
  3. New TV points and splitters

Info about Home Network Installations

Home Network Installations

network cablesNeed some help with your internet cabling, ethernet data cabling or data point installation? Have no fear, the cable guys are here!
According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), in 2020 some nine in ten (89%) Australians watch video content on the internet, with Netflix, YouTube and Facebook being the most common platforms.
When you’re watching a video online, you definitely don’t want the Wi-Fi to start acting up and cause delays or lags in your show! Or worse, completely drop out and leave you hanging without any Wi-Fi connection for periods of time. We’re in 2023, connection to the internet should be smooth, steady, and painless!

Here are some reasons why you should trust a qualified electrician to take care of your network and Wi-Fi installation jobs:

  • We can help determine where the optimal locations are to install data points to ensure high-speed Wi-Fi connections and avoid having ‘dead zones’
  • We take care of your home network setup in a way that takes into consideration your building’s structure such as walls and pipes that make affect your signal
  • We make it a point to understand your usage needs in order to recommend the best hardware and setup for you
  • We do a few connection tests to ensure that your Wi-Fi is optimised in your home

So whether you’re looking at an initial setup in your new home, home office, or work place, or you’re experiencing existing cable or network issues such as a slow connection, our team of electricians are just a phone call away to help. Call us today at 0431 894 327.

TV Installations

TV installEverybody loves the complete enjoyment of a home theatre system. Perhaps you’re upgrading to a new high-definition 4k screen and want to get your television mounted professionally, or you’re looking for a smart way to hide all that unsightly wiring. The best thing you can do is call a qualified electrician to do the whole job for you.

You might be wondering, well, why can’t I just ask the store where I bought the television from to do the installation for me? Well, two simple reasons:

  1. Retailers are neither insured nor licensed to do this sort of installation. You’re taking a huge risk leaving this job to them, and should anything happen, your home insurance might not cover it as it isn’t installed by a licensed professional.
  2. The technicians will be able to unpack your purchase, set it up and connect it to an existing powerpoint, but they won’t be able to do more – such as installing new power outlets for your tv, or advising on the safety aspects of setting up a concealed wiring system, especially if you need in-wall cable management (which is usually the case for a wall-mounted tv).

Antenna installElectricians have the knowledge and know-how needed to do the total job from start to finish. They can help you choose the right weight-bearing mount for the type of tv you have purchased, so that you’re not putting your new expensive investment in the wrong hands, literally!

They will also be able to check if you have electrical systems or plumbing running behind your wall before creating a cavity for your cable housing. This not only means a neat, wire-free presentation, but also getting rid of any potential fire hazards.

Only a licensed electrician can make sure that this installation is modified according to the structure of the home and does not run afoul of any building or fire safety codes. This will mean that you won’t have any problems with your home insurance, your next safety inspection, or selling your house in future.

Oh, and if the cost of installation puts you off and you want to try and save some money by going the DIY route, remember this saying: “It’s always cheaper the first time around.”

Getting a professional electrician to set up and install from scratch is going to cost way less than having a go at it, only to realise that it doesn’t work. Then you’ll be having to pay an electrician additional to figure out and un-do what you’ve done before then setting it up the correct way. Hiring a professional from the start makes it so much simpler (and cheaper!) and guarantees a job well done that will last for years to come – meaning it’s also more economical in the long-term.

Waters Electrical and Solar are your trusted electricians for data and TV installations

The Northern Beaches is a coastal area, so you might experience a whole host of different issues that a city dweller won’t, such as poorer reception, or rust problems from the salt present in the winds.

TV install bracketHere at Waters, we have 40 years’ of combined experience in the business, servicing the Northern Beaches in particular, so we are clued in to all the possible issues you may experience, and can provide the right solutions you’ll need. We are also up to date on the current hardware, accessories and safety codes to guarantee that your data and TV installation is up to code and safe to use for the whole family.

Any setup we do is also backed by our lifetime guarantee on our workmanship. Yes, you got that right! We always do our very best to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed the first time around, but should anything we’ve fixed malfunction, you can count on us to come back to fix it for you at no charge whatsoever.

As a family business, we value our relationships with our clients. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority, and you can trust us to take care of you and your family, no matter what the job.

With our experience, knowledge, skills and quality customer service, you can trust Waters Electrical and Solar to provide you with the best electrical solutions for your business or home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. For a job well done, call us at 0431 894 327 today!