Emergency Electrician Northern Beaches

Emergencies are stressful situations, and more often than not your forced to make quick decisions in very little time – like calling the right electrician. That’s why you’re best to call an experienced electrician who is an expert in electrical emergencies.

Specialising in emergency services means we are dedicated to rectifying any electrical emergency, 24/7. With the right testing equipment we can methodically locate your issue effectively, without compromising your safety.

What types of electrical faults are you experiencing?

  1. Tripping safety switch/safety switch won’t stay on
  2. No power due to an overloaded circuit
  3. Consumer mains faults
  4. Electrical shocks from taps
  5. Exposed electrical wiring
  6. Blown fuses
  7. Burnt out power-points or light switches
  8. Appliances tripping power circuits

Info about Emergency Electrician

Our Working Process

Electricity can be dangerous if not dealt with correctly so we strongly urge you to leave your electrical issues with us. We have more 40 years of experience in electrical fault finding so you know there’s no guess work. Over this time we have developed a systematic approach, using specific fault finding equipment that assists us in locating the source of your issue, in minimal time.

With the fault located we offer options (if more than one a possibility) to rectify and explain each option in clear detail so you understand completely the upfront costs.

Why Waters Electrical and Solar for your electrical fault finding needs

emergency electricianWe have over 40 years of combined expertise and specialise in electrical fault diagnosis using a systematic approach. Our well-known fault finding technique that will identify the source of your electrical problems quickly. Then, we will be able to give our expert advice, which will always put your family’s safety first.

In some cases of an electrical emergency, the fault may require immediate fixing. However, sometimes the fault happens on a weekend, and if the job can wait till Monday, we will definitely advise this, instead of insisting on fixing it immediately and charging you weekend fees. This is one of the reasons why Waters Electrical and Solar has built such a name for ourselves across Northern Beaches as trustworthy and honest electricians.

In addition to fixing your electrical problem, we also provide a 100% FREE electrical safety check when we are on-site. This helps to identify other potential problems and prevent future electrical faults from happening. We will also be able to give you our professional recommendations as to how to improve the electrical safety of your home. This electrical safety check is done completely free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation. So if you’re experiencing any electrical issues, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Always call a licensed electrician and have them fix the electrical fault for you. Remember, always safety first! Call us today at 0431 894 327.

Your 24/7 emergency electrician

multimeter Day or night, we will methodically locate the fault in your home, without compromising your safety. We offer options for any electrical faults you are experiencing. The nice thing about us being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is that you may contact us at any time for help. No more waiting until the next business day to get your issues sorted out.

Our quick response ensures minimal wait time which gives way to happy clients. We are available when you need us, so no job is too big or too small.

We are also licensed and offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee, meaning our work is of the highest quality. We deliver quality products that are backed by reputable wholesalers and trusted to last.

Our professional Sydney electricians can assist 24/7 with any electrical problem, such as circuit breakers, appliances, lighting, smoke alarms, RCDs, and more. If your circuits are tripping frequently and you notice any faulty wiring or a burning odour from electrical components, please contact the experts rather than attempting to fix things yourself. That’s where we come in!

If you have an electrical problem, contact our helpful staff at 0431 894 327 and we’ll be there as soon as possible.