Why You Should Consider Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring your home might not seem like an important job because you can’t see the wires in your home, they’re all tucked away! However, you can definitely see the effects of faulty
wiring – and that’s not something you want to take a chance on! Whether you are living in an older home that requires some upgrading, you need to get your current wiring to comply with the Australian Wiring Rules, or to meet the demand from your appliances, you can prevent electrical issues from arising with the help of our Northern Beaches electricians. Call us today at 0431 894 327!

Contact us today for the following Home Rewiring Services:

  1. Wiring assessments
  2. Black Rubber and VIR cabling rewiring
  3. Earthing of light fittings and powerpoints

Info about Rewiring Your Home

Why your home may need rewiring

old wiringIt can be difficult to tell if your home needs rewiring, but there are a few signs that may point to the need for rewiring. One way to tell is if you notice your lights acting funny – flickering or dimming frequently, failing to work, or even losing power when you turn on the TV. Another sign is if you have loose sockets or connections, damaged wiring in the walls or ceilings, or hot wires. Finally, if you are experiencing frequent circuit trips and fuse blowouts, it’s time to get your electrical wiring inspected. If you took over the house from a previous owner, and did not have your wiring inspected upon moving in, you might not be aware of what type of cables lie behind the walls. If your electrical cables do not meet the safety standards outlined in AS3000 Wiring Rules, then you might be at great risk. Here at Waters Electrical and Solar, we are determined to keep your family and home safe with thorough electrical rewiring performed by our experienced and licensed electricians. With our free in-depth check of your home, we will be able to point out to you exactly what needs to happen to make sure your home is kept safe and also up to current Australian Standards.

How much should I expect to pay to rewire my home?

The cost will depend on the size of your home, how much rewiring needs to be done, and how many hours it will take our qualified electricians to complete the job. In our free inspection of your home, we consider all these factors and give you a personalised quote so you can understand exactly what the job entails, how long it will take, and how much it will cost, before we commence any work.

Why calling an electrician will save you money

black rubber electricianOne of the simplest reasons why choosing to rewire your home will save you tons of money is because old, damaged wiring is a very serious threat of fire. You might spend some money rewiring your home, but it could be the best investment towards protecting your home in the first place. New wiring that is up to code also improves your home’s value, should you wish to sell it in the future. Old wiring also affects your current home insurance policies. If it turns out that your home has damaged electrical wiring, then your home poses a risk for any insurer, and it might be difficult to get your policy extended. Having a licensed electrician come in to inspect everything and rewire what needs to be rewired means that you’ll be up to date not only with Australian Standards but also with a home insurance policy that fits your needs. Do not simply call an electrician to start rewiring your entire home if you simply suspect you have old wiring. Always get a trusted, reliable electrician to examine your home’s wiring and confirm what needs to be replaced first. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars fixing what didn’t need to be fixed in the first place. That is why a comprehensive inspection from a trustworthy, professional electrician will be able to help show you all the current and potential problems with the electrical wiring in your Northern Beaches home. Call Waters Electrical and Solar for your free home inspection today at 0431 894 327.

High quality electrical rewiring

Here at Waters Electrical and Solar, we specialise in electrical rewiring for all homes and commercial properties in Northern Beaches. With more than 40 years in the business, and a comprehensive fault finding method, we have the depth of experience to be able to pinpoint your exact electrical faults, and list for you all your possible electrical solutions to solve them.

With a personalised quote and upfront pricing, you will understand exactly what needs to happen, how long it will take, and how much it will cost, all before we even begin any electrical repairs.

Having built a reputation over the years as your trustworthy Northern Beaches electricians, you can entrust the job to us with full faith that we will do a fantastic, high quality job that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will last for years to come.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee & Free Electrical Safety Check

With every job we do, not only can you expect the highest standard of electrical work, you will also receive from us a lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship. Feel free to call us in future in case something does not work the way it should – we will drop by immediately to fix the problem at no additional cost.
Before we complete the job, we will also conduct a free electrical safety check, to rule out any potential problems that may arise from other electrical hazards. Our customers’ safety is our highest priority, so we will make sure that your home 100% checks out before handing it back over to you, knowing our rewiring work will keep your home and family safe for years to come!

So if you have any cabling or wiring issues and need a home inspection and recommendation, don’t hesitate to call Waters Electrical and Solar, your trusted experienced electricians in the Northern Beaches area, at 0431 894 327. We also provide emergency services for all your electrical emergencies so do not hesitate to call us 24/7!